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Tablet Buying Guide


What Is The Best ValuePad Tablet For Me?

October 16, 2013, about 108,000,000 results returned when we did a Google search for "7 inch tablet". We understand the difficulties and efforts involved in making a good purchase of tablets for any member of the family. Here are some tips of selecting the right tablet for you. 

dual-core-cheap-tablets-cpu-rk3026.jpgDual Core CPU

First of all, avoid tablets using single core CPUs in most cases. Just like single core CPU computers in old days, these tablets cannot handle sophisticated jobs efficiently. For example, if you would like to read a book while the Google Chrome is loading a website, the single core CPU can be overloaded and the tablet could freeze on you, at least for a few seconds. It can be very frustrating if this happens every now and then. Please also keep in mind that not all dual cores or quad cores are made the same. We have included some reviews on various dual core solutions towards the end of this buying guide. 


Storage And Expandable Storage

Next, think about how you would use your tablet. In addition to a fast CPU and GPU,  you would also need a big storage if you watch HD movies and / or play 3D games. Expandable storage, such as MicroSD (also known as TF) cards or external USB sticks, wold be extremely helpful. So this tablet needs to have a MicroSD slot and the capability to use external USB sticks. Either ValuePad VP112 (7”) or VP1011 (10”) is the perfect choice for these users.

Besides expandabe storages, VP112 is equipped with a CPU that consumes least power and generates least amount of heat. So the end result is an excellent tablet with light weight (saved on battery), adequate run time and cool bottom. 


Expandable USB Port And Other Options

All ValuePad tablets have an expandable USB (also called On-The-Go or OTG) port. With an OTG cable, you will be able to connect the tablet to other equipment, such as selected keyboards and mouse, Ethernet RJ-45 cable (using an adapter) and USB flash drives. This makes ValuePad tablets perfect choices for travelers and anyone who likes light weight tablets. Please keep in mind that not all keyboards work with ValuePad tablets due to variations in circuits.

ValuePad tablets are equipped with dual cameras for your convenience. The front facing camera is high definition with 200 mega pixels which is great to capture happy moments in your life. The 0.3 mega pixels rear facing camera is placed on the same side as the display and is widely used for online chatting.

Other features like HDMI, USB and 2G/3G communications are added benefits if the tablets support them. Because SoC systems (explained in the following section) are integrated circuits with fixed features, you will need to check if that feature you would like to have is in the specification list of the tablet you want to buy. Typically the feature is not supported if it is not listed. You can always contact us for more information.


Latest CPU Technology

The two most important components in a tablet contributing to performance are CPU and GPU. They are typically integrated on the mainboard together with memory modules. These integrated systems are called SoC (System on Chip) integrated circuits. Many sub $200 tablets, including ValuePad products, use Cortex technology from ARM. Over the years, ARM has developed several generations of Cortex technologies incluing A5, A7 and A9. ValuePad tablets are equiped with Rockchip SoC systems utilizing A9, the latest Cortex technology which is more powerful and more compatible with new softwares and hardwares.

dual-core-cheap-tablets-cpu-rk3168.jpgAn excellent SoC from Rockchip, RK3168 (in VP112) adopts 28nm technology. Of all dual core CPUs on the market, it consumes least power and generates least amount of heat. Its 28nm technology and GPU PowerVR SGX540, the same as the GPU in iPADs, make VP112 the coolest and most powerful tablet on the market.

New comer RK3026 (in VP111) is another excellent dual core SoC that scores 10000 or higher in the benchmark software Antutu X 4.03. Its performance in CF-Bench is equivalent to NVIDIA’s Tegra 250 in Iconia Tab A500. In Nenamark2, it averages 51.5fps.

Following table compares some popular dual core SoC systems that you may find on the market. (Data is collected from open sources. ValueChain, LLC didn’t test each system and is not responsible for accuracy of the information.)

Dual Core SoC Systems