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VP112 10 Inch Upgrade Instructions

ValuePad VP112 10 Inch Tablet Firmware (Android System) Upgrade Instructions

Watch this YouTube video

1)            On a computer, go to the following link: (Please note the link given in above video is outdated. Users should use this updated link as the download address.)

and click on the download button to download the zipped file “VP112 10Inch”. You can find the download button by moving the mouse to the top of the page and a grey arrow will appear in the middle of the top line. Total size is xxx MB so it may take a while.
2)            Unzip the .zip files using programs such as 7zip which is free from Extract all the files to a separate folder on your computer.
3)            Run the setup.exe in folder "Pad Product Tool 1.06_02" and install the tool.
4)            Run the tool once installed. You will be prompted to select the .fw file in the "10.1 vp112" folder.
5)            When the tablet is off, connect the tablet’s “USB” (not the “Host”) port to the computer using the micro USB cable came with the tablet. When the Download button turns from gray to green, hit it and the reset process will begin. If the button doesn’t turn green, hold the “Volume –“ button and short press the reset button in the pin hole. Release the “Volume –“ button until the Download button in the tools program turns green.
6)            Disconnect the tablet once the progress bar in the tool has reached 100%.